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Connect with your students

Just like in school, conduct lectures, take tests, share study material etc.

Share Presentations, Video Lectures and interact with your class.

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Track their progress

Intuitive dashboards and insights help you discover problem areas and sort them out.

  • Give assignments

    Provide assignments with deadlines. Share their grades privately or publically as you wish.

  • Conduct tests

    Quiz, MCQs, long answer formats... no problem! Create tests in a jiffy!

  • Take live oral tests, interviews or group discussions

    Bridge integrates with 'face2face' to provide superior audio/visual experience to your class.


Easy to Use

Motivation behind Bridge

With the pandemic already making lives difficult, learning and adapting to overly complex Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a draining task for the students as well as the educators. The primary goal is to impart education, not study the LMS itself.

Too much time and effort is wasted in doing simple tasks like creating lessons, adding assignments etc. Then there’s the endless navigation and configuration which can be quite intimidating.

Introducing Bridge
Bridge is a hassle-free platform to simplify learning management. It is built keeping simplicity in mind. Everything can be found with minimal navigation. Adding new things is easy. It includes a powerful search feature that sorts results according to relevance. It also has a dark mode which helps reduce eye strain.
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What is Bridge?

One solution to n problems
Delivering lessons to students, posting class notes, allotting assignments, resolving doubts, providing downloads for printouts, circulating important messages. In short, Bridging the gap between Students and Education.

What are Roles?
There are different types of user log-ins, having different roles:

The student of a class logs in to view video lessons, notes and assignments provided by his/her teacher. Students can also ask doubts using the ‘Doubts’ section. His questions will be directly sent to the Teacher.

The teacher will be providing the manager with the study material (Video Lesson, Class notes, ebooks, PDFs, PPTs, etc.) Once the lesson has been uploaded by the manager, the teacher can view and edit the lesson.

The manager will be provided with lesson details by the teacher after which manager is required to create lessons by adding video, assignments, questions, important messages, etc. He/She will be managing all the lessons by teachers. In short, a technical helping hand.

The principal can view all the lessons by the teacher and approve it or suggest/make changes. Without the principal’s approval, lessons will not be accessible for the students. However, the teachers and manager can view and edit the lessons in the meantime.

Who's 'Manager'? Requires special training?

The role of Manager can be assigned to any staff member of the school. No special course or training is required for the role since it is an easy-to-use interface and anyone comfortable with the basics of the computer can easily manage the lessons. Example: a computer teacher.

What's the role of 'Principal'?

He/she is the administrative head who approves, edits, suggests changes, removes, or takes such actions for any lesson as and when required. The Principal, Manager and Teacher can also communicate with each other with the help of the ‘Doubts’ section and/or ‘Face2Face’.

What is Face2Face?

‘Face2Face’ is a video conferencing platform developed by Vipul IIoT Solutions to provide a hassle free private conference room for people. Loaded with features to aid communication, it can be used for numerous other purposes too, like live classroom, parent-teacher meetings and so on.
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Do different roles have different features?

Yes. The Student has basic features, i.e. lesson viewing, assignments, notes, etc. The Teacher has all the basic features and some additional features like students’ doubt resolving, ‘Edit lesson’ option and a dashboard summarizing information like number of approved lessons, active lessons, unapproved lessons, students’ doubts, etc.